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  • 0.18 ~ 22 Kw 1000-3000rpm  Gear Speed Reducers

0.18 ~ 22 Kw 1000-3000rpm Gear Speed Reducers

Price: US 1.00 Min. order: 1/set Rated Power: 0.18 ~ 22 Kw Input Speed: 1000-3000rpm Output Speed: 0.12~397rpm Can Achieve Clients Requests Power: 0.12-22kw Place Of Origin: Shanghai China (mainland) Brand Name: Tqg Port:

Taiqi Electromechanical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Business Type: Trading Company Main Products: Torque Motor,6W-200W,60-100mm,Brake Motor,P series Markets: Vietnam,Denmark,Ukraine Website: http://teescl2.motors-biz.com/ Telephone: 0086-21 -39948832
0.18 ~ 22 Kw 1000-3000rpm Gear Speed Reducers   Product Details

Basic Info.

  • Rated Power: 0.18 ~ 22 Kw
  • Input Speed: 1000-3000rpm
  • Output Speed: 0.12~397rpm Can Achieve Clients Requests
  • Power: 0.12-22kw
  • Place Of Origin: Shanghai China (mainland)
  • Brand Name: Tqg
  • Model Number: S37-167
  • Gearing Arrangement: Worm
  • Output Torque: 43 ~ 4200 N.m
  • Color: Red/blue/grey/as Requied
  • Certificate: Iso9001: 2000 Ce Ccc
  • Mounting Position: Foot Mounted Flange Mounted
  • Name: S Series Helical Worm Gear Speed Reducer
  • Noise: Low
  • Ratio: 7.57-1332
  • Efficiency: High
  • Model: S37-167
  • Equal: Sew Brand
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Product Description.

  • Cheap high quality (0.18 ~ 22 Kw 1000-3000rpm 0.12~397rpm Can Achieve Clients Requests 0.12-22kw Shanghai China (mainland) Tqg )Gear Speed Reducers with low cost and good price for sale, from Taiqi Electromechanical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Trading Company, China
  • S series Helical worm gear speed reducer

    vertical shaft worm gear speed reducer

    wpa worm gear reducer

    speed reducer 


    Product Description


    Product Overview:

    1, S helical worm gear speed reducer has high technology content, there are helical gears and worm combination for drive, improved the torque and efficiency .

    2, S helical worm speed reducer convex surface has a cooling effect, strong vibration absorption, low temperature rise, low noise ; good sealing performance and work environment adaptability .

    3, S Series product is complete in specifications, and wide speed range , universality useadapt to a variety of installation, safe and reliable performance and long service life, and the implementation of international standards.

    4 , Helical worm gear reducer drive accuracy is high, adapt especially where there is frequent starting work, it can be connected to various types and configuration reducers and motor drivesand it can be installed in the 90 degrees of the operating position.

    5, S series reducer key parts use high wear-resistant materials, and through special heat treatment , with high precision, smooth transmission, large load capacity , small size , long life and other characteristics.

    6 , Helical gear reducer can be configured to various types of motors , forming a mechanical and electrical integration, fully guaranteed product quality characteristics .



    1 , A combination of helical gear and the worm , compact structure, large reduction ratio .

    2 , Installation: foot-mounted , hollow shaft mounted , flange mounted, torque arm mounted , small flange mounted .

    3, The input method: direct motor , motor belt or coupling the input shaft , coupling flange .

    4, The average efficiency: reduction ratio 7.5-69.39 is 77% ; reduction ratio 70.43-288 is 62%;      S / R combined is 57%.

    5 , Combination with R series to get bigger ratio .


    Technical parameters:

    Ratio range: Basic 9.96 ~ 244.74,  S / R Combined can reach 8608 

    Torque range : 43 ~ 4200 N.m

    Power range : 0.18 ~ 22 kW



    S - Foot mounted solid shaft output  SF-Flange mounted solid shaft output  

    S. .. S- Foot mounted solid shaft output, shaft input    

    SA- Hollow shaft output, shaft input 

    SAF- Flange-mounted Hollow shaft output, shaft input 

     Packaging & Shipping

    S series Helical worm gear speed reducer


    1, Industrial pakaging: Plastic tube+carton+wooden pallets
    2, Commercial packing: Plastic bag+color box+carton+wooden pallets
    3, As client's requirement

    4, Shipping: By sea, by air, by DHL Fedex UPS etc

     Company Information

    As a leader manufacturer of industrial motors, speed reducers, drives etc in China, our company has always been adhering to the " leading technology innovation, achieving excellent quality" concept, the main products are: Micro gear motors, medium-size gear motors, Brake speed regulating motors, torque motors, DC motors, NMRV worm motor, helical bevel gear motors, WP RV series worm reducer, rigid tooth flank helical gear units, Helical worm gear units, Parallel shaft helical gear units, Spiral bevel gear units, SWL& JW Worm screw jack, Rigid tooth flank gear units, Planetary gear units etc transmission products, which are widely used in various industrial production lines, Such as transportation machinery, food machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, packaging machinery, office equipment, instrumentation and other fields, is the preferred supporting products for automation equipments.


          WHY CHOOSE US?
       -We own about 300 sets processing equipments and testing equipments to guarantee the high precision and quality. such as REISHAUER precision gear grinding machine(Switzerland), PFAUTER gear hobbing machine(Germany), Gleason bevel gear milling machine, three-coordinates measuring machine etc.

     Our Services

    • S series Helical worm gear speed reducer
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    •  24-Hour service
    •  Quality guaranteed
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    • Shanghai Taiqi Team Sincerely Welcome Your Inquiry & Cooperation.
    • We are very appreciated for your visit!

  • S series Helical worm gear speed reducer
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