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  • 220v/480v 0.25kw-315kw   Small Electric Toy Motors (Small Electric Toy Motors)

220v/480v 0.25kw-315kw Small Electric Toy Motors (Small Electric Toy Motors)

Price: US 10.00 Min. order: 1/case Ac Voltage: 220v/480v Place Of Origin: Guangdong China (mainland) Brand Name: Keway Model Number: Kw-0058 Certification: Ce,iso9001 Type: Small Electric Toy Motors Port:

Huizhou Huiyang Qiuchang Keway Motor Factory

Business Type: Manufacturer Main Products: motor,motor005,motor003,motor002,Home,motor004,mot Markets: Hungary,Egypt,China Website: http://hhqkmf8.motors-biz.com/ Telephone: 86-755-28638525
220v/480v 0.25kw-315kw Small Electric Toy Motors (Small Electric Toy   Product Details

Basic Info.

  • Ac Voltage: 220v/480v
  • Place Of Origin: Guangdong China (mainland)
  • Brand Name: Keway
  • Model Number: Kw-0058
  • Certification: Ce,iso9001
  • Type: Small Electric Toy Motors
  • Protect Feature: Totally Enclosed
  • Output Power: 0.25kw-315kw
  • Phase: Three-phase,three Phase
  • Material: Cast Iron/aluminum
  • Feature: Totally Enclosed,enclosed
  • Frequency: 50hz, 60hz, 50/60hz
  • Other Name: Electric Motor
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Product Description.

  • Cheap high quality (220v/480v Guangdong China (mainland) Keway Kw-0058 Ce,iso9001 Small Electric Toy Motors )Small Toy Motor (Mini,Micro) with low cost and good price for sale, from Huizhou Huiyang Qiuchang Keway Motor Factory Manufacturer, China
  • small electric toy motors KEWAY (CE,ISO9001) electric motor KW-0058       

          SKYPE:  keway168               Mobile:  +86 18926758833  


    Founded in 1980,Jia Cheng Eletric Words CO.,LTD is one of the leading hydraulic motor companies in Taiwan,with more than 40 year experiences in design and manufacturing for hydraulic motors. To provide our costumer with higher quality,motor feature testing machine was introduced in March 1998 and CE quality certification was obtained in June 2011.Moreover,the ISO-9001 qulity control system certification wsa also lbtained to ensure our high level of operation,efficiency and manufacturing standand.

            In the field of motor manufacturing. Jia Cheng Electric Works is the leader in Direct Drive Motor for Hydraulic Application,and is the leading brand in Taiwan Hydraulic industry. Our service includes: General fabrications on customization motors.To provide convenience to our valuable customers. All motors are manufactured with modular assembly and products within same category could be used with collocation. Motor coding principle was first established by our company. For the products to be more systematic and easier to distinguish during assembly and maintenance.



    Mainland and factories

    As the motor (Huiyang) factory is Taiwan Jia Cheng motor Limited by Share.Ltd and Shenzhen Kewei Hydraulic Co injection of Sino foreign joint venture enterprise,is located in Huiyong Shenzhen garden,adjacent to Shenzhen one kilometer,enterprises adhere to People oriented, to achieve localization, and resource sharing, with two brand marketing, positioning service high end market and lean To export oriented (the company owns the right of import and export commodity inspection, customs clearance, self, some products can be exempt from Export and patent products)





    M type motors are in the digestion, absorption at home and abroad, manufacture Y series motor based on the improvement of the new type of motor and the latest production Product. 

    M model motor besides have Y series motor performance. Such as: higher insulation grade small vibration, performance and so on and the size of the accord with IEC standard and the maintenance convenience etc outside, still have overload capacity, low noise, especially in full load and super loads the characteristics of low noise when.

    M type of motor load efficiency, power factor, plugging around moment, stall current, maximum torque, etc and Y series is same, noise than Y series Have a greatly reduced, MY type than Y series more save power.

    M model electric function to meet strict noise of occasions,and because of its power output more good than Y series, so the most suitable for high-grade epuipment necessary.


    Series There Phase Asychronous Motors

    General description:

    Series Y three-phase asynchronous motors, devekiped with new techniques, are renewal and upgrading products instead of series Y motors, its mounting dimensions completrly conform to the IEC standard&DIN42676 standard of Germany, it is defined as totally closed fan cooled&structure of the squirrel cage, the series motors are of remarkable features such as novel desgn,consolidate structure, easy starting, low noise, tigh efficiency and easy serving, ctc, the Motors are adopted with class B insulation (clss F sa required) and designed with assessing method for insulation system sccording to international practice, to improve qreatly Their safety&reliability. The motors are suitable for drving various machines such as machine toold, pumps, blowers&compressors, ets. Used for the place as well as transportation, printing, agricultural machines and food processors where there are no in flameable, explosive or corrosive gases.






  • small electric toy motors KEWAY (CE,ISO9001) electric motor KW-0058
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