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  • Permanent (Permanent Magnet Dc Motors)

Permanent (Permanent Magnet Dc Motors)

Price: Negotiable Min. order: 1/unit Brand Name: Yh Place Of Origin: Zhejiang China (mainland) Model Number: Ring Application: Industrial Magnet Shape: Ring Type: Permanent Port:

Yuyao Keyli Magnetics Co., Ltd.

Business Type: Manufacturer Main Products: Ndfeb Magnet,Rare Earth Magnet,Alnico Magnet,Magne Markets: Singapore,Holland,Czech Republic Website: http://ykmcl74.motors-biz.com/ Telephone: 86-574-63024408
Permanent (Permanent Magnet Dc Motors)   Product Details

Basic Info.

  • Brand Name: Yh
  • Place Of Origin: Zhejiang China (mainland)
  • Model Number: Ring
  • Application: Industrial Magnet
  • Shape: Ring
  • Type: Permanent
  • Composite: Rare Earth Magnet
  • Br (t): 1.0-1.4
  • Hci (ka/m): 750-2000
  • Bhmax (kj/m3): 200-440
  • Tc (°c): 310-400
  • Remanence (t): 1-1.3
  • Coercivity (ma/m): 0.875-1.99
  • Density (g/cm3): .3-7.5
  • Cutting Tolerence: +/-0.05mm
  • Tensile Strength (n/mm2): 75
  • Chemical Writing: Nd2fe14b
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Product Description.

  • Cheap high quality (Yh Zhejiang China (mainland) Ring Industrial Magnet Ring Permanent )Permanent Magnet DC Motor(PMDC) with low cost and good price for sale, from Yuyao Keyli Magnetics Co., Ltd. Manufacturer, China
  • Rare Earth Permanent Magnet  DC Motor

      Rare Earth Permanent Magnet  DC Motor  We produce and sell NdFeB Magnet in various shapes(segment, block, cube, cylinder, disc, ring, rod, sphere, etc)with different grade



     Product Description

    Rare Earth Permanent Magnet  DC Motor  ( HS Code : 8505119000 )


    1. Meterial:  Neodymium, NdFeB


    2. Technology: Utilizes new Sintered NdFeB magnet techniques and equipment such as strip casting, HDDR technology


    3. Magnetic properties:  High coercive force, the max operation temp is up to 200 degree centigrade or 380 curie temperature;


    4. Grades: N33-N52, 33M-48M, 33H-48H, 30SH-45SH, 30UH-38UH and 30EH-35EH;


    5. Shapes and sizes:  Various kinds or according to customers' request .


    6. Coatings: Ni, Zn, Phosphating, epoxy and so on;


    7. Motor magnet Applications:  Widely used in different applications, such as sensors, motors, rotors, wind turbines/wind generators, loudspeakers, magnetic hooks, magnetic holder, filters automobiles and so on.


    8. Quality Control : Our QC team consistsof more than 12 professional people to ensure 100% products high quality .


    9. Extremer Power Warming : These magnets are dangerous !  If your fingers are trapped between two they will cut your skin  . Please be note they should  only be handled with great care .


    10. Transportation :  All available shipping ways could be applied ,by courier ,by air or by sea . Appinted shipping company or our own forwarders all could be used in shipment .  Full-way tracking the cargos for you before th good arrival .


    Our factory can also manufacture various sizes of other NdFeB magnets, according to the customer's specification



     Shapes :


    Magnetic Characteristics

    Material TypeResidual Flux Density
    Coercive Force
    Intrinsic Coercive Force (Hci)Max.Energy Product
    N3511.7-12.1 KGs>11.0 KOe>12 KOe33-35 MGOe
    N3812.2-12.6 KGs>11.0 KOe>12 KOe36-38 MGOe
    N4012.6-12.9 KGs>11.0 KOe>12 KOe38-40 MGOe
    N4213.0-13.2 KGs>11.0 KOe>12 KOe40-42 MGOe
    N4513.3-13.7 KGs>11.0 KOe>12 KOe43-45 MGOe
    N4813.8-14.2 KGs>11.0 KOe>12 KOe45-48 MGOe
    N5014.1-14.5 KGs>11.0 KOe>11 KOe48-50 MGOe
    N5214.5-14.8 KGs>11.2 KOe>11 KOe49.5-52 MGOe
    N35M11.7-12.1 KGs>11.4 KOe>14 KOe33-35 MGOe
    N38M12.2-12.6 KGs>11.4 KOe>14 KOe36-38 MGOe
    N40M12.6-12.9 KGs>11.4 KOe>14 KOe38-40 MGOe
    N42M13.0-13.3 KGs>11.4 KOe>14 KOe40-42 MGOe
    N45M13.3-13.7 KGs>11.4 KOe>14 KOe42-45 MGOe
    N48M13.6-14.2 KGs>11.4 KOe>14 KOe45-48 MGOe
    N50M14.1-14.5 KGs>11.4 KOe>14 KOe48-50 MGOe
    N33H11.4-11.7 KGs>10.3 KOe>17 KOe31-33 MGOe
    N35H11.7-12.1 KGs>10.8 KOe>17 KOe33-35 MGOe
    N38H12.2-12.6 KGs>11.4 KOe>17 KOe36-38 MGOe
    N40H12.6-12.9 KGs>11.4 KOe>17 KOe38-40 MGOe
    N42H13.0-13.3 KGs>11.4 KOe>17 KOe40-42 MGOe
    N45H13.3-13.7 KGs>11.4 KOe>17 KOe42-45 MGOe
    N48H13.6-14.2 KGs>11.4 KOe>16 KOe45-48 MGOe
    N30SH10.8-11.2 KGs>10.1 KOe>20 KOe28-30 MGOe
    N33SH11.4-11.7 KGs>10.3 KOe>20 KOe31-33 MGOe
    N35SH11.7-12.1 KGs>10.8 KOe>20 KOe33-35 MGOe
    N38SH12.2-12.6 KGs>11.4 KOe>20 KOe36-38 MGOe
    N40SH12.6-12.9 KGs>11.4 KOe>20 KOe38-40 MGOe
    N42SH13.0-13.3 KGs>11.4 KOe>20 KOe40-42 MGOe
    N45SH13.3-13.7 KGs>11.4 KOe>19 KOe43-45 MGOe
    N28UH10.4-10.8 KGs>9.8 KOe>25 KOe26-28 MGOe
    N30UH10.8-11.2 KGs>10.1 KOe>25 KOe28-30 MGOe
    N33UH11.4-11.7 KGs>10.3 KOe>25 KOe31-33 MGOe
    N35UH11.7-12.1 KGs>10.8 KOe>25 KOe33-35 MGOe
    N38UH12.2-12.6 KGs>11.4 KOe>25 KOe36-38 MGOe
    N40UH12.6-12.9 KGs>11.4 KOe>25 KOe38-40 MGOe
    N28EH10.4-10.8 KGs>9.8 KOe>30 KOe26-28 MGOe
    N30EH10.8-11.2 KGs>10.1 KOe>30 KOe28-30 MGOe
    N33EH11.4-11.7 KGs>10.3 KOe>30 KOe31-33 MGOe
    N35EH11.7-12.1 KGs>10.8 KOe>30 KOe33-35 MGOe
    N38EH12.2-12.6 KGs>10.8 KOe>30 KOe36-38 MGOe
     Plating Characteristics
    Plating TypeOverall ThicknessSalt Spray TestPressure Cooker Test
    NiCuNi (Nickel Copper Nickel)15-21 μm24 hours48 hours
    NiCu + Black Nickel15-21 μm24 hours48 hours
    NiCuNi + Epoxy20-28 μm48 hours72 hours
    NiCuNi + Gold16-23 μm36 hours72 hours
    NiCuNi + Silver16-23 μm24 hours48 hours
    Zinc7-15 μm12 hours24 hours
    Each individual layer of Nickel and Copper are 5-7 μm thick. The Gold and Silver plating layers are 1-2 μm thick.
    Test results shown to allow comparison between plating options. Performance in your application under your specific test conditions may vary. Salt Spray testing conducted with a 5% NaCl solution, at 35°C. Pressure Cooker Test (PCT) conducted at 2 atm, 120°C at 100% RH.   Process Chart :


    Work Shop :

     Packaging & Shipping


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  • High Quality -Rare Earth Permanent Magnet DC Motor
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