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  • Stepper Motors Gears

Stepper Motors Gears

Price: US 50.00 Min. order: 1/piece Brand Name: Kawasaki Place Of Origin: Zhejiang China (mainland) Model Number: Sh280 Excavator Parts: Reliable Quality Port:

Hangzhou Holdwell Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd.

Business Type: Trading Company Main Products: Starter,BFM2012,SCANIA parts,Starter Motor,Other D Markets: Brazil,Bulgaria,Turkey Website: http://hhmaecl46.motors-biz.com/ Telephone: 86-571-83739100
Stepper Motors Gears   Product Details

Basic Info.

  • Brand Name: Kawasaki
  • Place Of Origin: Zhejiang China (mainland)
  • Model Number: Sh280
  • Excavator Parts: Reliable Quality
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Product Description.

  • Cheap high quality (Kawasaki Zhejiang China (mainland) Sh280 Reliable Quality )Stepper Motor Gearbox with low cost and good price for sale, from Hangzhou Holdwell Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. Trading Company, China
  • kawasaki SH280 Swing Gear Box

    Kawasaki M2X120B-CHB-10A-07/328
    Kawasaki M2X120B-CHB-10A-09/305
    Kawasaki M2X146B-CHB-10A-01-315
    Kawasaki M2X150AOB-10A-01
    Kawasaki M2X150CAB-10A04/250
    Kawasaki M2X170AOB12A-01
    Kawasaki M2X210CAB-10A-03-270
    Kawasaki M2X210CAB-10A-05/270
    Kawasaki M2X210CAB-10A-51/300
    Kawasaki M2X210CHB-10A-18/270
    Kawasaki M2X210CHB-10A-20M/280
    Kawasaki M2X210CHB-10A-29/290
    Kawasaki MX150CAB13A/02-245
    Kawasaki MX200CAB-10A-01/235
    Kawasaki MX530CB-20A-01/270
    Kawasaki MX750-10A-05M
    Kawasaki MX750BO-10A-05M
    Kawasaki MX750CCV-10A-07M/300
    Kawasaki MX750CCV10A-2M/300
    Kawasaki MX750CCV-10A-3M/300
    Kawasaki MX750CCV10A-4M/300
    Kawasaki K3V280DTH-180L-BP02-V
    Kawasaki K3V280DTH-18ZL-BP32-V
    Kawasaki LVP370-115LOFR1129A
    Kawasaki LVP370-115LOH-R1129A
    Kawasaki NV111-160L-R1114B-1
    Kawasaki NV270-126L-R1119B
    Kawasaki NV270-126L-R1119-B


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  • Kawasaki SH280 Swing Gear Box
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