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  • 380V 0.4kw,0.75kw,1.5kw,2.2kw...400kw   single/triple (Vfd Ac Drive Frequency Inverter)

380V 0.4kw,0.75kw,1.5kw,2.2kw...400kw single/triple (Vfd Ac Drive Frequency Inverter)

Price: US 58.00 Min. order: 1/Unit Brand Name: Yuanshin Output Power: 0.4kw,0.75kw,1.5kw,2.2kw...400kw Input Voltage: 380V Output Voltage: 0-380V Place Of Origin: China (Mainland) Model Number: YX3000 Port:

Shenzhen Yuanxin Electric Technologies Co., Ltd.

Business Type: Main Products: YX3500 Series Medium Frequency Type,YX3400 Series Markets: Taiwan ,Israel,United Arab Emirates Website: http://syetcl93.motors-biz.com/ Telephone: 0086-755-26523920
380V 0.4kw,0.75kw,1.5kw,2.2kw...400kw single/triple (Vfd Ac Drive Fr   Product Details

Basic Info.

  • Brand Name: Yuanshin
  • Output Power: 0.4kw,0.75kw,1.5kw,2.2kw...400kw
  • Input Voltage: 380V
  • Output Voltage: 0-380V
  • Place Of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: YX3000
  • Output Type: single/triple
  • Type: AC-DC-AC type
  • Output Frequency: 0-500Hz
  • Certification: ISO9001,CE
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Place Of Origin China (Mainland)China (Mainland)Fujian, China (Mainland)China (Mainland)
Type AC-DC-AC typeAC-DC-AC typeac to dc to acAC-DC-AC type

Product Description.

  • Cheap high quality (Yuanshin 0.4kw,0.75kw,1.5kw,2.2kw...400kw 380V 0-380V China (Mainland) YX3000 )AC Motors with low cost and good price for sale, from Shenzhen Yuanxin Electric Technologies Co., Ltd. , China
  • Specifications 

    Taking use of Fuji IGBT and TI DSP chip set. 
    Special infrastructure design with compact size. 
    Enhanced function with stability 


    Frequency inverter YX3000 series Mini type sensorless vector control frequency converter


    YX3000 Series General Purpose Frequency Inverter is specially designed for variable frequency control and energy saving.




    YX3000 Series Sensor-less Vector Control Frequency Inverter is a function enhanced product with strong stability. It takes use of Fuji IGBT and the TI DSP chip set, completely optimizes vector control and V/F control. It has been widely deployed in various industrial environment, and special in situations requiring speed control precision pump torque response speed and low-frequency output.





    inputInput Voltage(V)AC 1PH 220V±20%
    Input frequency(Hz)47~63Hz
    output Output Voltage(V)0~input voltage
    Output Frequency(Hz)0~500Hz
    Control ModeV/F,sensorless vector control
    Motor TypeAsynchronous motor 
    Speed Control Accuracy±0.2%(sensorless vector control)
    Speed Fluctuation±0.3%(sensorless vector control)
    TechnicalTorque Response <20ms(sensorless vector control)
    Control FeatureTorque control Accuracy10%(sensorless vector control)
    Starting TorqueAsynchronous motor:0.25Hz/150%(sensorless vector control)
    150% of rated current:1 minute
    Overload Capability 180% of rated current: 3 seconds
    Digital setting ,analog setting ,pulse frequency setting ,multi-step,Textile swing frequency
    Frequency Settingspeed running setting ,simple PLC setting ,PID setting ,jop runing setting
    Running ControlAuto voltage regulationWhen the grid voltage changes,to maintain constant output voltage
    Feature Fault Protection undervoltage,overheating, overcurrent and overload ,etc.
    Speed Tracking FunctionThe rotating motor can be started smoothly 


     Technical Features 


    1. Two control modes: V/F control, and sensor-less vector control;
    2. Starting torque: 0.4Hz-20Hz;
    3. Internal brake unit has been deployed, and the braking resister can be connected outside for a quick stop;
    4. Five kinds of V/F control, which are constant torque V/F curve, One kind of customer defined V/F curve, 3 kinds of down torque curve (2.0/1.7/1.2 times the power).
    5. Through PLC or internal control terminal, multi-speed control and PID control could be realized. And users could combine a variety of operating modes while it’s necessary;
    6. Supporting multi-frequency deploy methods: digital setup, PID setup, analog quantity setup, and communication setup;
    7. Supports starting and stopping DC brake;
    8. YX3000 is Equipped with jump frequency control, which prevents mechanical resonance and makes the system more stable and reliable;
    9. YX3000 has build-in PI in order to establish close-loop control system easily;
    10. YX3000 is designed with the central frequency switch function, which let the end user to fix the central frequency while it is necessary;
    11. YX3000 has been equipped with RS485 communication interface, which support MODBUS protocol with ASCII and RTU forms;
    12. Working with water supply accessory to realize multiple-pump stable pressure water supply function.




    1. Boiler drum, Induced draft fan, Mine exhaust fan;
    2. Energy-saving central air conditioning, Energy-saving air compressor
    3. Mechanical equipment, Conveyor
    4. Oil injection pump, Oil transfer pump;
    5. Circulating pump, water supply pump, constant pressure water supply;


    Machine Size



    Frequency Inverter Machine Size and Mounting Size 
    Wall hanging typeMachine sizeMounting size Diameter of mounting hole(mm)
    General typeH(mm)W(mm)D(mm)H1(mm)W1(mm) 


     Company Information









  • YX3000 380v 3 phase 15kw frequency inverter
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