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  • 380~660v, 3~13.8kv 7.5~4000kw 480~1450r/m  Centrifugal Fan (Exhaust Fan Motors)

380~660v, 3~13.8kv 7.5~4000kw 480~1450r/m Centrifugal Fan (Exhaust Fan Motors)

Price: US 700.00 Min. order: 1/unit Brand Name: Scy Speed: 480~1450r/m Power: 7.5~4000kw Voltage: 380~660v, 3~13.8kv Spindle Speed: 480~1450r/m Type: Centrifugal Fan Port:

Zibo Zhoucun Yongchang Fan Blower Factory

Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company Main Products: Industrial Fan,Mine Ventilate,Semi-trailer,Axial f Markets: Ukraine,New Zealand,France Website: http://zzyfbf65.motors-biz.com/ Telephone: 0086-188-16117427
380~660v, 3~13.8kv 7.5~4000kw 480~1450r/m Centrifugal Fan (Exhaust Fa   Product Details

Basic Info.

  • Brand Name: Scy
  • Speed: 480~1450r/m
  • Power: 7.5~4000kw
  • Voltage: 380~660v, 3~13.8kv
  • Spindle Speed: 480~1450r/m
  • Type: Centrifugal Fan
  • Place Of Origin: Shandong China (mainland)
  • Model Number: 4-ly
  • Certification: Ccc,ce,csa,gs,rohs,ul,iso9001:2008, Bv
  • Structure: Single Suction
  • Application: Air Supply, Air And Material Conveying
  • Air Volume: 15229~810000m3/h
  • Mounting: Free Standing
  • Feature: High Pressure,low Noise
  • After-sales Service Provided: Overseas Third-party Support Available,engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas
  • Electric Current Type: Ac
  • Blade Material: Cast Iron
  • Total Pressure: 553~7218pa
  • Impeller Test: Static And Dynamic Balancing
  • Driving Mode: Direct, Coupling
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Product Description.

  • Cheap high quality (Scy 480~1450r/m 7.5~4000kw 380~660v, 3~13.8kv 480~1450r/m Centrifugal Fan )Exhaust Fan Motor with low cost and good price for sale, from Zibo Zhoucun Yongchang Fan Blower Factory Manufacturer, Trading Company, China
  •  axial exhaust fan motors /stainless steel fan/boiler fan

    Tel: 0086-18816117427

    Email: scy.ventilation(a)gmail com

    Our websit: http://www.scy-fan.com

    Pursue from large scale factory,

     Make the business to be satisfactory   

    The following are only little kinds of our product of thousands kinds.

    If you can't find the fan you need, pls send us your performance requirements,

    Our professional engineers will provide you customized design service in 8 hours


    axial exhaust fan motors /stainless steel fan/boiler fan

    1. Applications for &keywords&

    Industrial boiler blowing air, Industrial boiler inducing air, Industrial boiler waste gas dust collecting.

    Industrial kilns

    Air supply of Cement rotary kiln, Lime rotary kiln, Nickel iron rotary kiln, Clay sand rotary kiln, and other various calcining kilns.

    The clinker cooling of Cement rotary kiln, Lime rotary kiln, Nickel iron rotary kiln, Clay sand rotary kiln, and other various calcining kilns.

    Brick kiln blowing air, Brick kiln inducing air.


    Building ventilating, Materials ventilating and drying, Firefighting smoke exhaust.

    Cooling and heat dissipation

    Brick kiln cooling, High temperature of finished product cooling of brick kiln and various kilns, Industrial equipments cooling and heat dissipation.

    Air purification and industrial waste gas treatment, Industrial dust collector.

    Air purification of hazardous working environment (Paper making production line, Electrolytic aluminium production line, Textile mill.).

    Metal smelting

    Furnace coke production(Furnace coke oven), Electrolytic aluminium production line air purification system.

    Gas and materials delivery

    General air delivery, High-temperature air delivery, Combustible gas delivery, Corrosive gas delivery, Gas mixed with impurity delivery.

    Delivery of coal powder, Particle material/ Powder material/ Fragment materials/Fiber materials.


    Recovery of industrial waste gas, Supply air and drying of food and drug production line.

    2. Characteristics for &keywords&

    Impeller passed high standard dynamic balancing, ensuring stable running of fan.

    Running test and vibration value test for fans after finishing manufacturing, ensuring running reliably.

    Impeller of annealing treatment, completely eliminating structure of internal stress when welding, ensuring impeller appearance won't occur creepage and flaw.

    The welding line of impeller and main shaft passed ultrasonic flaw detection, ensuring no defect of welding and materials, guarantee strength.

    Can flexibly adjust fan's volume and pressure in running by air damper. Can also adjust fan's pressure and volume by changing the fan speed via matching variable frequency motor.

    Regarding to material of impeller and main shaft, we will choose high strength carbon steel, low alloyed steel, High temperature resistant alloy steel, High temperature resistant high strength alloy steel according to different medium temperature and running speed, ensuring the impeller and main shaft keeping reliable strength in high temperature.

    Using liquid lubricating oil, no need to open bearing housing when changing or filling lubricating oil. Easy to observe the lubricating oil's quality and stock through inspection window on the bearing housing body.

    Bearing housing adopt labyrinth type mechanical seal, unique design of spill prevention of inner, venthole design on top, commissure coated with sealing grease, completely eliminating bearing housing oil leak.

    The motor load can be automatically reduced when airflow resistance is increasing, to prevent motor from destroying.

    3. Structure for  &keywords&

    ♦ Impeller Type: Backward blade

    ♦ Driving Mode: Coupling drivetrain

    ♦ System Type: Single inlet type, Overhang type.

    ♦ Cooling Type: Circulating Water cooling/Forced circulation oil cooling.

    ♦ Bearing Lubrication Methods: Oil bath lubrication/Oil circulating lubrication

    ♦ Basic Components:

    Motor, Impeller, Impeller cone (Air Inlet), Case, Damper, Main shaft,
    Bearing, Bearing housing, Pin coupling,Foundation bolt.

    ♦ Optional Components:

    System base frame, Protective screening, Silencer, Inlet & Outlet pipeline compensator,
    Inlet & Outlet flange, Electric actuator, Shock isolator, Diaphragm coupling, Fluid coupling,
    Motor rain cover, Temperature sensor, Vibrating sensor, Soft starter, Inverter, Special Electrical Motor,
    System monitoring Instrument, Lube system, Overhead lube tank...

    4. Performance for  &keywords&

    The following datas are only part of performance of our product.

    If you can't find the datas you need, pls send us your performance requirements,

    we will provide you customized design service.

    No.Rotation Speed
    Total Pressure
    Air Capacity
    9D960 ~ 1450775 ~ 266815229 ~ 4412811 ~ 37
    10D730 ~ 1450553 ~ 330115886 ~ 605337.5 ~ 55
    11D730 ~ 1450669 ~ 400321144 ~ 8057011 ~ 90
    12D730 ~ 1450797 ~ 477725661 ~ 10460015 ~ 132
    14D730 ~ 14501086 ~ 654143591 ~16610037 ~ 315
    16D580 ~ 960895 ~ 370951699 ~ 16415045 ~ 185
    18D580 ~ 9601133 ~ 471073610 ~ 23373075 ~ 280
    20D580 ~ 9601400 ~ 5837100970 ~ 320610110 ~ 520
    22D480 ~ 9601216 ~ 6865116000 ~ 434000140 ~ 850
    25D480 ~ 7301579 ~ 5138171000 ~ 484000165 ~ 700
    28D375 ~ 7301205 ~ 6400187000 ~ 680000320 ~ 1250
    29.5D596 ~ 7453236 ~ 7218348000 ~ 810000800 ~ 1600

    5. Production Process

    Design, Raw material cutting, Pressing forming, Welding,
    Machining of shaft, Dynamic balancing of impeller,
    Assembly, Running test, Sandblasting, Painting, Packing.




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  • axial exhaust fan motors /stainless steel fan/boiler fan
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