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  • Heat Exchange (Air Conditioner Fan Motors)

Heat Exchange (Air Conditioner Fan Motors)

Price: Negotiable Min. order: 100/ Brand Name: AOXIN Type: Heat Exchange Application: Other Certification: Other Place Of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Model Number: AX-WY Port: Ningbo/Shanghai

Zhejiang Aoxing Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

Business Type: Manufacturer Main Products: Air-cooled Condenser,Axial Fan Motor,Air Cooler,Co Markets: Taiwan ,India,Mexico Website: http://zarecl45.motors-biz.com/ Telephone: 86-575-83666668
Heat Exchange (Air Conditioner Fan Motors)   Product Details

Basic Info.

  • Brand Name: AOXIN
  • Type: Heat Exchange
  • Application: Other
  • Certification: Other
  • Place Of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: AX-WY
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Usage Industrial

Product Description.

  • Cheap high quality (AOXIN Heat Exchange Other Other Zhejiang, China (Mainland) AX-WY )Air Conditioner Fan Motor with low cost and good price for sale, from Zhejiang Aoxing Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. Manufacturer, China
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    After-sales service commitment



    A, pre-sale service

    1, send technical personnel to introduce domestic and foreign cold storage preservation industry standards, the general situation of the engineering characteristics and to introduce my company, for the user choice

    High cost performance of investment programs provide decision-making materials.

    2, technical scheme and specialized technical personnel, business personnel for technical communication and business disclosure. Can organize your company personnel to the company inspection guidance.

    Provide all kinds of products before, during, and after the whole design process of performance, features, design drawings, and various parameters, actively cooperate with public good you

    Choose satisfactory builders. If not because of other factors, choose my company service for you, my company is very willing to this project

    For the expensive unit to provide technical advice, so that you can purchase to advanced technology, reasonable price, reliable product performance.



    Second, the sale service

    1, my company in the technical scheme design, optimization design, excellence, work closely with design department, your company, ensure the smooth progress in design work,

    And actively listen to the customer's requirements, perfect design, if the customer need to change, use the unit with special needs, our company will fully meet their requirements,

    And try their best to coordinate with various aspects good relations of cooperation.

    2, choose the international and domestic best fittings manufacturing businesses, satisfy the performance requirements, and convenient for maintenance, spare parts supply.

    3, during the construction, we cooperate with arrangement drawings review, products supervision and inspection acceptance and so on each stage of work, make the product all the work before shipment

    Be able to in an orderly way.



    Third, after-sales service

    1, the products sent to users, my company assign personnel related personnel to count with your company and sign the acceptance certificate of the products.

    2, during installation and debugging equipment, our company send the work guidance of experienced senior refriating engineers on the ground free installation and debugging,

    Ensure the normal order of the product running smoothly.

    3 refrigeration operators, free training, training of equipment technology in detail, and some knowledge of fresh-keeping of unit using free training,

    Let the customer in equipment maintenance, operation and storage of goods of a series of procedural do master, and establish contact with the scene keepers, throughout the year

    Use of maintenance, make long-term technical support. In your unit using our company built during the cold storage engineering, provide 24 hours of maintenance, to

    Ensure that the user requirements.

    4, spare parts supply timely, to ensure customer satisfaction

    (1) timely reflect user needs;

    (2) to provide quality and cheap products, ensure timely delivery;

    (3) strict control of product quality;



    We not only provide users with qualified products, and provide more high quality service, in the industry establish a good image, left a deep impression to the user.

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