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  • AC 3-Phase 380v , 660v , 3kV,6kV,10kV(d10%) 60kw - 5000kw   Dual (Variable Speed Ac Motors Controller)

variable speed motor control

Price: US 20.00 Min. order: 1/Set Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland) Brand Name: HuaFei Model Number: HuaFei GBP Size: 4552*1200*2634*2320 Output Power: 60kw - 5000kw Output Type: Dual Port: QingDao /ShangHai

Jiaozuo Huafei Electronic & Electric Co., Ltd.

Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company Main Products: Electric Control Devices Of Powerful Belt-Conveyor Markets: United Arab Emirates,Unknown,Indonesia Website: http://jheaecl8601.motors-biz.com/ Telephone: 0086-391-2971115
AC 3-Phase 380v , 660v , 3kV,6kV,10kV(d10%) 60kw - 5000kw Dual (Vari   Product Details

Basic Info.

  • Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: HuaFei
  • Model Number: HuaFei GBP
  • Size: 4552*1200*2634*2320
  • Output Power: 60kw - 5000kw
  • Output Type: Dual
  • Weight: 3300kg
  • Input Voltage: AC 3-Phase 380v , 660v , 3kV,6kV,10kV(d10%)
  • Output Voltage: 380v , 660v , 3kv , 6kv , 10kv(Special order is available)
  • Type: DC/AC Inverters
  • Output Frequency: 0~120Hz
  • Output Current: 25-800A
  • application: mine / cement / power metallurgy / petroleum
  • Certification: iso9001
  • Storage / transport temperature: -40~70℃
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Product Description.

  • Cheap high quality (Henan, China (Mainland) HuaFei HuaFei GBP 4552*1200*2634*2320 60kw - 5000kw Dual )Variable Speed Ac Motors Controller with low cost and good price for sale, from Jiaozuo Huafei Electronic & Electric Co., Ltd. Manufacturer, Trading Company, China

    Product Description


    ONE               Low voltage frequency converter / General converter /inverter/ vfd

    General converter is a frequency electric control product that integrate into computer control technology,bus technology,inverter technology and cooling technology. It has a single quadrant and four-quadrant, and it is widely used in Electric speed controlling system of elevator, belt conveyor, fan, water pump. 

    Environment temperature: 0 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃;

    The average relative humidity: ≤85% (25℃) condensation is not allowed

    Protection grade: IP20

           Unique advantages:

    1.standardized design, compact structure, convenient maintenance.

    2. SVC vector control technology, self-tuning to identify motor, power grid parameters, high starting torque, fast response speed and high accuracy, good stability,a smooth start overloading.

    3. the motor side has a variety of control including frequency control, vector control, direct torque control.

    4. have synchronous control function, achieve more than one inverter synchronous control.

    5. perfect protection functions including overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, short circuit, phase failure, and overtemperature.

    6. the motor forward, reverse,emergency stop can be controlled by an external signal, it can also be set through the inverter itself.

    7. Main circuit adopts the bi-directional inverter scheme, the grid side uses the unity power factor PWM rectifier control scheme, with renewable energy feedback grid function, realize four-quadrant operation, efficient energy conversion, low current harmonic, there is no need of power factor compensation and harmony wave suppression device, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable.

    8. a good man-machine interface, easy operation, direct display, recording multiple historical fault and fault parameters and waveform.

    The main technical parameters:


    Basic parameter

    Input voltage Vin (±10%)

    AC 380

    AC 660

    Input frequency (±10%)


    Output voltage

    95% of AC 0~Vin

    Output frequency / speed

    0.0~50.0Hz /0~motor rated speed

    Overload capacity

    150% rated current,allowing 1 minute /10minutes

    Torque features

    Hoisting torque

     Adjust automatically According to the load


    Start torque

    150% rated torque

    Type of cooling

    Cooling fan

    Power level

    60kW,75kW,90kW, 110kW,132kW,160kW,200kW,250kW,315kW,400kW,500kW,630kW


    Figure 1. Single-quadrant frequency control cabinet outline drawings (200KW,500KW)

    Figure 2. Four-quadrant frequency control cabinet outline drawings (200KW,500KW)


    TWO              Medium voltage/high voltage frequency converter / inverter / vfd

    it is used for the speed-adjusting control of AC motors with power supply of 3kv / 6KV or 10KV and motor power of 200-5000KW.Frequency converter uses the technology of vector control, and it realizes high-torque, high-precision and wide range of speed-adjusting drive. It has the function of energy feedback to power grid, the energy-saving effect is significant. Uses color LCD touch screen to display, it is convenient and simple to be installed and debugged, at the same time it can print and output report reform about running statements and make remote control. The frequency converter has advantage of high input power factor, less current harmonic and it doesn't need power compensation and harmonic suppression devices. The power circuit is modularized and it is simple and rapid to maintain. The connection between high voltage main circuit and controller is optical fiber, so it is safe and reliable. It has the character of low-speed output and high torque, strong capability of overload, complete protective function, high reliability and so on. Particularly, Working condition requirementsit is suitable for working condition requirements of hoister at colliery.

    ApplicationsApplication object
    Electric PowerBoiler auxiliary devices in power plant ,such as condensate pump,blower,primary fan,miller,booster pump of the air pump ,electric feed pump,fan,water jet machines ,high-voltage AC pumps ,condensate booster pumps , draimage powder machine ,mortar pump,etc; the wind power ,solar power generation equipment
    Steel IndustryRolling mill main drive ,winding machines ,gear cutting machines
    Nonferrous MetalsConveyor systems ,sieve shaker,excavators,grinders
    Building MaterialsBlower,grinder
    Chemical IndustryVarious types of compressors
    Coal IndustryBelts conveyor ,main ventilator in coal mine,draining pump,hoister
    Petroleum and GasFuel pump,injection pump ,submersible pump
    Petrochemical IndustryCirculating pumps ,hydrogenation pumps ,comperssoes
    Mechanical and Electrical IndustryPumps ,fans, constant torque transmission
    Light IndustryCentrifugal gearing ,pump

    Propeller gear ,bowthruster drives ,transverse thruster drives ,electric locomotives ,EMU”s AC drive ,magnetic levitation train traction

    Matchable Motor Power


    Input Voltage Requirements


    Three-phase 50HZ? 3kV,6kV,10kV

    Allowing fluctuation

    Voltage: -20%—+15% frenquency: ±10%

    Output Features

    Output Voltage

    Three-phase 0-3kV,0-6kV,0-10kV

    Rated Current

    See model-selection list

    Overload Capacity

    120% allowing one minute,150% protecting immediateluy

    Current waveform

    Sine wave

    Basic Features

    Output frequency range

    0Hz to 120Hz

    Output frequency resolution


    Input power factor

    rated load>0.96


    rated load>0.96

    Control Feeature

    Accelerate and deceleration time

    5 seconds-1600 seconds

    Control ways

    Local control, remote control, upper control

    modulation ways

    Space Vector Control Technology


    LCD touch screen

    Setting operation frequency, acceleration and? deceleration time,control ways, positive and inversion parameters, showing input voltage&current,output voltage
    &current, fault state, all kinds of setting parameters

    Indicator light

    high voltage operation,operating indication,fault indication


    Analog Input

    two ways,0~10V/4~20mA? selective

    Analog Output

    two ways,0~10V/4~20mA? selective

    Switching input and putput

    24 input/16 output


    Isolated RS485 interfaces, MODBUS Statute

    Cooling Method

    forced cooling

    Degree of protection

    Basic model IP30,mining general model converter IP31


    Operating Environment Temperature

    0 to 40℃

    Storage / transport temperature

    -40 to 70℃

    Environment Temperature

    <90%,unable to condense

    Installation Altitude

    <1000 meters(over 1000 meters,needs operating by lowing power)

    variable speed motor control



    Q:How many employee in Huafei Group?
    A:Huafei is a Group Company, total employee 500,now the employee qty is growing. Among them 50% are experts and engineers.


    Q:Which contry Huafei have exported to?
    A:We have mainly exported to VietNam, Pakistan and India.


    Q:Anual production value?
    A:On 2014, the amount is 140 million RMB(USD:22.5 Million),30% of the amount is for export.


    Q:Why chose Huafei?
    A:Huafei is an expert group with 30 years experience.We have our own advanced technology which have declared 39 National Patents.Huafei is holding trainning class anually,we have fast and professional after sales service.


  • variable speed motor control
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