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The Application Of Brushless DC Motor

By Cayla | Published on Sep 14,2015

Brushless DC motor is a permanent magnet synchronous motors, it is not a real DC motor, also named as BLDC. Different from brushed DC motors, brushless DC motors don't apply the mechanical brush device, using a square wave control permanent magnet synchronous motors, Hall sensor replace the carbon brush commutator, and NdFeB is used as the permanent magnet material of rotor. Compared with conventional DC motors generally have great advantages in performance, it is the most ideal speed motor.

Since the brushless DC motor can be directly used DC power supply, so it has a wide application in no car AGV and battery car industry. In the traction motor car battery industry, it has replaced the traditional DC brush motors. It can achieve higher efficiency, higher torque and other features can be activated, because of the use of square wave drive, so there is time for lead-acid battery to repair electrode plate, thus can extend battery life , an increase of about 1.3 times the battery capacity. Overall efficiency can be increased about double the battery capacity, greatly improve the performance of electric vehicles.

Due to the high efficiency and low heat of brushless DC motor, it is ideal to use in 24-hour continuous operation industrial machinery and air conditioning and refrigeration hosts, fan and water pump, air compressor load and other industries. Low speed high torque and high-frequent positive inversion without heat, the machine is more suitable for machine tools and traction motor drive; steady speed running accuracy of brushless DC motor is higher than DC brush motors, even higher than variable frequency drive of vector control or direct torque control speed closed-loop, and has better cost performance. Brushless DC motor is the best choice for modern speed drive. Because of the DC brushless miniaturization, it can be applied in higher precision electronics industry that has high requirements for motor size. Oriental Motor's current 15W brushless DC motor can do 42mm * 42mm flange mounting surface. Like some medical machinery, semiconductor, and other precision measuring electronics industry have a special requirements for such a small-sized motors.


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