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Detailed Introduction on Waterproof Motor

By Emma | Published on Dec 11,2015


The waterproof motor refers to a kind of motor used in water. It is generally accepted that the waterproof motor is specially designed to survive a minimum of 30 feet under the sea. The motor is fitted with redundant shaft seals, O rings, hermetic cable feedthrough, pressure equalization and other waterproofing features, so it can operate very well under the waterline.


1. Naval/military

2. Aquaculture

3. Undersea exploration

4. Robotic submarines

5. Salvage robots

6. Undersea mining

7. Oil exploration

8. Sonar arrays

9. Communications

10. Automated undersea lights and cameras

11. Automated hydrophone arrays

12. Wave power generation

13. Flood control systems

14. Floating seafood factories

15. Hydrofoil air cushion controls

16. Antenna and gun pointing systems

17. Food processing

18. Cleaning, chopping, dispensing, packaging, vacuum sealing, inspecting and labeling

Corn dog machines

19. Automated ice cream cup fillers

20. Meat slicers

21. Pineapple coring machines

22. Juice box filling and sealing machines

23. Drug manufacturing: Pill pack sealing, packing, labeling, gene splicing microscope stages, media plate filling

24. Medical supply manufacturing: Artificial blood vessels, rubber gloves, sterile bandages

25. Automated machine tools: Mills, lathes, screw machines, grinding applications, cut-off tools

26. Automated inspection: Water jets and ultrasound in water tanks, inspection of nuclear reactor components

27. Antenna pointing systems for satellite tracking stations

28. Upper atmosphere wind study equipment

29. Railroad track grinding equipment

30. Pipeline welding and pipeline x-ray equipment.

31. Paper manufacturing

32. Chemical manufacturing

33. Film processing

34. Printing

35. Water jet cutting

36. Toxic clean-up equipment


The first step is to open up your servo.

Waterproof Servo

Now get some waterproof epoxy. Make sure its non-conductive………


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