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Application of AC Servo Motors

By May | Published on Sep 14,2015

Application 1. Materials Accounting

The screw is commonly used to measure the powder materials and the number of rotation of screw is used to count the material. The screw’s capacity of being adjustable and the characteristics of precisely positioning can assist to enhance the counting precision. Also the screw can be driven by AC servo motor because of the feature of high precise controlling and excellent torque-frequency. As for Measurement of viscous material, AC servo motor can be used to drive the gear pumps and can achieve the measurement through the counting of a pair of gear touching from the gear pumps.

Application 2. Transverse Sealing

Transverse sealing device is a crucial equipment in the bag automatic packaging machines, which requires not only accurate positioning, but also requires that line speed of sealing wheels equates the speed of plastic feeding the plastic. And it’s required that the speed of sealing wheel would increase after rolling to try to separate from the stuff at a high speed.

The traditional method is through the eccentric or crank guide rod mechanism or other mechanical way, which have the traits of institutional complexity, low reliability, and troublesome adjustment. Comparably, the AC servo motor can improve efficiency because of its features of non-constant speed moving. If AC servo motor is applied to drive cross-seal wheel, you can use the AC servo motor excellent sports performance, constant movement through non-AC servo motor to meet transverse seal requirements, improve work quality and efficiency.

Application 3. Feeding Stuff

There two ways of feeding material: intermittent and continuous working.

In terms of intermittent feeding material way, feeding packaging film was passed on by intermittent crank linkage drawstring, which is complex and difficult to adjust. If AC servo motor is used to pull the wheel, the distance, running time and pause time AC servo motor move each time can be pre-set in the controller. The excellent acceleration and positioning performance of AC servo motors can achieve accurate controlling for the length film set each time. Especially as for the control system with color correction device, the error signal detected by the color detection switch, can be set to the AC servo motor through the controller. The excellent performance of acceleration and precise controlling ensures that the deviations can be corrected quickly and accurately.

In a continuous mode of feeding materials, AC servo motor’s excellent performance of acceleration and overload can guarantee the capacity of uniform continuous feeding of material.


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