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Structure of DC Motor

By Cayla | Published on Sep 14,2015

Guide: While the prime mover armature winding is rotating between the main magnetic poles N, S, the force is induced on the armature winding, then converted to DC through the brushes and commutator. Leading to external load (or grid), external power supply. At this time, the generator used as a DC motor. As with the external DC power, leading the direct current to the armature winding through the brushes commutator device, the magnetic field would interact with the main pole of this current generation of NS, generating torque to drive the rotor and machines connected to work load, and the motor is running as a DC motor.

DC motor consists of stator and rotor, there is a certain air gap between. The main features of its construction is having an armature with a commutator. The stator of DC motor consists of the base, the main pole, commutation poles, front cover, brush holder and other components.

The main magnetic pole is the main component that generates the gap magnetic field of DC motor. It consists of a permanent magnet or laminated core with direct current field winding. The rotor of DC motor is composed of armature commutator (also known as commutator), shaft and other member. Armature which consists of two parts that is the armature core and the armature windings. Armature core is quartet built by the silicon steel sheets, evenly distributing alveolus outside. The armature windings are embedded into these slots. Commutator is a mechanical rectifier unit. Folded to a cylindrical by commutator segments, formed integrally by the metal or plastic clip . Each commutator segments is insulated from each other. Commutator quality has a great influence on the reliability of operation.

According to DC motors and generators’ working schematic, the DC motor is composed of stators and rotors. The stationary parts while DC motor running are called stator. It generates magnetic field , consists of base, main pole, commutation pole, end caps, bearings and brushes devices and other components. Rotating part is called rotor, whose main role is to produce the electromagnetic torque and induced voltage, It is the hub for DC motor energy conversion, so often called the armature, composed of shaft, armature core, armature windings, commutator and fan.


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