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Selection Principle of Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor

By Cayla | Published on Sep 14,2015

Type selection:

Choose the high-efficiency, low price, low temperature ferrite permanent magnet DC motor. Only when demanding high performance, small size, high ambient temperature, selecting an aluminum-nickel-cobalt permanent magnet DC motor or a rare earth permanent magnet DC motor.

Motor power selection:

It should be reasonably selected. The maximum power output of the motor is limited, if the motor power selection is too small, the load exceeds the motor rated output power. That will cause motor overload. There will be motor heating, vibration, speed down, abnormal sounds when overload. When seriously overloaded, the motor will burn. The power is too large, it will cause economic wasting. Therefore, a reasonable selection of motor power is very important.

Specifications selection:

Due to the few actual product specifications, increasing the difficulty in the selection of products. In the selection of product specifications, something need be considered: in the case of the power supply voltage is adjustable, according to the actual need to select the torque, speed and product specifications close to corresponding rated value, get the required speed by varying the voltage; In the case of the power supply voltage is fixed, If there is no appropriate specifications are available, you can select the appropriate specifications according to torque, and properly adjust the voltage and speed of the product.


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