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The 16th China International Motor Expo

By Emma | Published on Sep 15,2015

Address: No.2345 Longyang Road, Shanghai, China

Date 14 -16 June. 2016

ProfileThe 16th China International Motor Expo is a 3 day event being held from 14th June to the 16th June 2016 at No.2345 Longyang Road in Shanghai, China. This event showcases products like Motor: medium and small motors, fractional horsepower motors, small power motors, servo motors, high-efficiency motors, explosion-proof motors, AC motors, micro motors, stepper motors, DC motors, special motors, vibration motors, permanent magnet motors, traction motors , geared motors, synchronous motors, series motors, motor vehicles, electrical appliances, large motors, generators and the like; motor control system and device categories: motor control system and servo systems, drives, governor, CNC equipment, inverter, switching equipment, converters, special equipment, power electronics and devices; magnetic materials: all kinds of permanent magnetic materials and soft magnetic materials, magnetic materials production and testing equipment, carbon products and electrical alloys; manufacturing Equipment: winder, punching equipment, insulation coating equipment, plastic presses, special processing equipment, magnetizing machine, tool and die, production lines; test instruments and equipment: armature detector, motor integrated performance tester, balancing machines, electricity tester, dynamometer, insulation tester, magnetic measurement instruments, on-line detector, CAT, mechanical testing equipment; ancillary product categories: bearing, commutator, brush, change to control, mold, fans, iron, shaft, punching, cover, thermal protection, wire, insulation materials, engineering plastics, junction boxes, connectors.


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