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2016 Berlin, Germany Coil, Insulation Materials and Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition

By Emma | Published on Sep 15,2015

Address: Berlin International Exhibition Centre, Berlin, Germany

Date: 10-12 May. 2016

Profile: 2016 Berlin, Germany Coil, Insulation Materials and Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition is a 3 day event being held from 10th May to the 12th May 2016 at the Berlin International Exhibition Centre in Berlin, Germany. This event showcases products like materials: rare earth mine, permanent magnet materials, soft magnetic materials, amorphous materials, magnetic, conductive material, insulating paint, insulation material, resin, films, laminates, adhesives, adhesive tape and composite materials, mica products, impregnated fiber products, plastics and other insulating materials, carbon products and electrical alloys; instruments and equipment categories: winder, stringing machine, the beam line, drawing machine, laminating, impregnating machines, video machines, stamping , cutting, welding, painting equipment, armature detector, motor comprehensive performance tester, balancing machines, electricity tester, dynamometer, insulation tester, magnetic measurement instruments, on-line detector, CAT, mechanical inspection equipment and other production and testing equipment; control system and device categories: motor (motor); motor control system and servo systems, coil winding, drive, drives, CNC equipment, transformers, inverters, converters, special equipment, electronic original devices and devices; ancillary products: commutator, bearing, commutator, brushes, mold, fans, iron, shaft, punching, cover, thermal protection, wire, plastic, junction boxes, connectors. Transformers skeleton, motor housing, armature core, stator, rotor, precision components, sensors, switches, power supplies and related products.


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