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Applications or Uses of DC Motor In Life

By shaquila | Published on Sep 15,2015

In daily life, the most common used of DC motor is electric locomotives, transit tram, tape recorders and electronic toy, forklift, mobile HAVC.

Uses in Forklift:

Forklifts, designed with skillful technique, power sources, load capacities, and lifting configurations, are applied to both industrial moving and material handling. Indoor and outdoor applications are the two main categories of Forklift trucks. An internal combustion engine, which fueled by either gasoline, diesel, LP gas or CNG gas, supplies the outdoor-used forklifts with adequate power. For indoor-use forklifts, its power source is an electric motor (12, 24, 36, or 48 VDC), and for its traction, steering and lifting power, large lead-acid batteries (10-75KWh capacity), play a role as a counterweight to provide a counterbalancing force to oppose the lifted load for maintaining the stability of the forklift, are commonly used.

A fork, mast and lift/tilt jacks or cylinders, composed of the forklifts lifting mechanism which is powered by electro-hydraulically. Driven by an electric motor, a hydraulic pump, forces hydraulic fluid with control valves. The lift jack, which raises the fork raising on a mast, raised by the hydraulic pressure through the method of a system of chains and rollers. For helping in stability, the tilt jacks can title the heavy loads backward. 1,000 to 10,000 pounds is the electric forklift tracks lifting capacity interval.

Uses in mobile HAVC:

Talking about mobile HAVC, permanent magnet DC motors (PMDC) could be taken into consideration for the motion control functions in mobile HVAC applications.

For instance:

1. PMDC motors are classified into brushed and brushless motors. The following products, broadly used in daily life or industry, are enjoying the advantages brought by the DC motor, such as pumps, fans, blowers, compressors, condensers and passenger cars. The DC motor provides energy-saving, reliability, as well as compact size for them.

2. Compared with the general motors, PMDC is superior to others in terms of dynamic performance and energy efficiency, and It also gets a higher power density even in a simplified construction.

3. There is also a small market for brushless DC motor (BLDC) for its offering variable-speed capability at negligible additional cost. And now it is increasingly winning the appraise of mobile HVAC manufacturers.


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