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Application of Linear Induction Motor

By Cayla | Published on Sep 16,2015

linear induction motor application.jpg

Linear Induction Motor have been increasingly widely used in transport and transmission devices. Particularly used in high-speed or super high-speed transport, but also shows its incomparable superiority. When the linear induction motors is used for high-speed ground transportation, you would enjoy the following important benefits:

1. The driving force between the vehicle and the ground is transferred through the air, not through mechanical contact, thus completely avoid mechanical friction losses.

2. Unrestricted centrifugal force and the electric motor diameter design,

3. Rotor heat is not a problem.

4. The propulsion system is neither noise nor smoke.

In addition, the linear motor is also used for liquid metal pumps, an electromagnetic induction stirrer, in the textile industry it used to promote the shuttle and the automatic door opening and closing devices of winding spindles, curtain.


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