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Five Steps to Test Servo Motor

By Cayla | Published on Sep 16,2015

Test the motor before, need not connect any circuit, just connect any two short line of three lines together, and then turn the motor shaft by hand, feels there is resistance, it is OK.

1. Connect the controller to the electricity supply according to the drawing.Powers up.

2. Connect the encoder, turn on the servo motor again.

3. Set the drive according to the instructions. For example, set up a "speed control mode" and then rotating the potentiometer, but the servo motor does not rotate.

4. Reset servo motor’s drive, to position control mode, the motion control card (or use the MACH3, connected to a computer parallel port) to the interface of the pulse, the direction, then the servo motor runs again.

5. Finally, adjust the movement control cards and small connection plate again. Board of LED array is used to test the output, the socket is connected two phase encoder, another is used to output pulse/direction, switch button is used to test the I/O input.


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