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The Application of DC Motors in Daily Life

By May | Published on Sep 17,2015

In recent decades of years, medium and small power motors has an extremely wide range of applications in industry, agricultural production and people's daily lives with power electronics, microelectronics technology and modern control theory, among which DC motors is an obvious and main type of motor that has gained great growth. This article is aimed to introduce the applications of dc motor.

Motor is categorized into DC motor and AC motor. Dc motors is unlike AC motors with simple structure, easiness to manufacture and maintain and reliable operation, but due top the fact that the problem of speed control has not been satisfactorily resolved for a long period of time, the DC motor shows incomparable good starting performance and speed performance over AC motor and is equipped with a wide speed range, smooth stepless characteristics,the capacity of frequent stepless quick starting, braking and reversing, overload capacity, the ability to meet the requirement of he various special operations in automated production systems.

Furthermore, the DC generator is able to provide high-power pulse-free DC power supply, and the output voltage can be precisely adjusted and controlled. At present, although the speed problem of AC motor has been solved, however, DC motor is still used in machine needed for speed adjustment, positive/reverse rotation, frequent starting/ braking or synchronized operation of multi-unit production machinery.

Since the DC motor has a good start and speed performance, it is often used to the field that have a higher requirements of speed and starting such as a large reversible rolling mills, mine hoist, hotel high-speed elevators, the goal planer, electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, city trams, subway trains, electric bicycles, paper and printing machinery, shipbuilding, machinery, large precision machine tools and large cranes and other production machinery, as shown in the figure below are a few examples of its application.


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