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Major Applications of DC Shunt Motor

By May | Published on Sep 17,2015

A shunt motor is type of motor where field winding and armature winding are connected in parallel, and the armature supplies both the load current and the field current. A DC shunt motor is a type of shunt motor that is operated by a DC field current. A DC shunt motor is an energy converter which turns mechanical power into electrical energy or turns electrical energy to mechanical power.

This electrical energy can be converted into heat as is done trough connecting load resistors across its armature terminals. It is essential that the field windings of the motor be excited with DC Current. The two main fields are the shunt & series. If the shunt field alone is used we call it a shunt motor; while if the series field alone is used, we call it a series motor. If both windings are used, we have the compound motor.

One advantage of a DC shunt motor is variable speed. If the voltage is increased then the speed increases. Another advantage is: since batteries of DC shunt motor are DC, they are great for battery powered devices which need a motor. DC shunt motors have good speed regulation so they are good in constant speed applications. One major application is portable tools, such as:

Battery powered electric drills
•Speed control
•pumps disc
Band saw drive requiring moderate torques
•Electric traction
High speed tools
•Rolling mills
Other loads requiring large momentary torques


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