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Eggon João da Silva

By May | Published on Sep 19,2015

Born in 1929 in what today is known as the county of Schröeder in northern Santa Catarina, Eggon João da Silva started working early as he was 13 as a "utility man" at a registry in Jaraguá do Sul. In 1957, after having worked 14 years for the state bank, he became partner of the João Wiest & Cia. Ltda. company, specialized in producing exhaust pipes for vehicles, then with 8 employees. Four years later, Eggon quits the company which already grew to 150 employees to face the biggest challenge of his career.

In April 1961, together with Werner Ricardo Voigt and Geraldo Werninghaus, he founds WEG, which at that time was manufacturing electric motors only. Eggon had direct influence on the fate of the company until 1989, taking her to being one of the branch's largest with an outstanding participation in the national and international market.

Starting with electric motors, WEG begins to diversify its production line by manufacturing complete industrial electric systems including generators, transformers, components and industrial automation systems.

But Eggon João da Silva's career is not only linked to WEG. This businessman was member of the board of four big companies - Oxford, Tigre, Marisol, and Perdigão, being the latter's CEO between 1994 and 1995 where he accomplished the tough mission of the company's financial recovery. After that period he was the chairman of the administrative board until 2007, when he passed over his post to his son Décio da Silva.


· Honorary Citizen of Jaraguá do Sul.

· Honorary Citizen of Videira.

· Citizen Emeritus de Guaramirim.

· Honorary Citizen of Penha.

· Industrial Merit Order - 05/91 Confederação Nacional da Indústria (CNI).

· Industrial Merit Order - 05/00 Santa Catarina Industrial Federation.

· Entrepreneurial Leader 1- National 13 - State & Branch (Gazeta Mercantil).

· Medal of Merit "Anita Garibaldi" Santa Catarina State government.

· Honorable Mention (CNPQ 50 Years - 2001) MDIC - CNI - SEBRAE.


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