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Geraldo Werninghaus

By May | Published on Sep 19,2015

Native from Rio do Sul (SC), Geraldo Werninghaus started his professional career at Werninghaus & Sons, his father's workshop in Joinville. At age 14 and as an apprentice, the universe of lathes, routers, grease and cleansing wool rags were already part of his everyday life. Raised according to rigid german discipline standards with strong fatherly influence and two generations dedicated to the same craft, he discovered very early that he had the same talent.

From age 14 to 27, Geraldo Werninghaus taught himself the secrects of mechanics and even took jobs away from his father's watchful eye. He had worked in Blumenau, at Indústrias Vahldick. He served the army in 1951 in Blumenau. When he was 20, he returned to work with his father in Joinville.

He left Werninghaus & Sons in 1961 to found WEG in Jaraguá do Sul, together with his partners Werner Ricardo Voigt and Eggon João da Silva. He actively participated in the company's growth, contributing to turning her into a reference company in Brazil.

Fully dedicated to work and community, and after leaving his executive duties at WEG becoming a member of the Administration Board in 1989, Geraldo started a new and promising political career of his own. He became councilman, state deputy and finally mayor of Jaraguá do Sul, his office term ending only in December 31st., 2000.


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