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Introduction Of Air Conditioner Fan Motors

By Cayla | Published on Sep 28,2015


The outdoor unit fan motor: Mainly use air conditioning YDK series single-phase capacitor run steel motor, the series motor adopts steel structure, the output shaft extension and single extension, generally the rated power is 15 ~ 120W. It is designed for the split air conditioner outdoor unit, cabinet air conditioners and window air conditioner with low noise, good reliability.

Indoor fan motor: Mainly use air conditioning YYW series single-phase capacitor run plastic motor, generally the rated power is 5 ~ 40W. This series motor use special design and technology, use plastic insulation material with better heat resistance and flame retardant, plastically packing the whole stator winding to make the insulation material. The motor has a low noise, small vibration, good moisture resistance, light weight, small size, low temperature, good reliability. This series motor adopts tap PG speed governor or speed regulator two structures, it is the ideal home air conditioning and other ancillary products.

The indoor unit rotary vane motor: mainly adopts low-pole permanent magnet stepper motor, because of its simple structure, low cost, cheap, miniaturization and other characteristics, widely used in air conditioners fields.

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Currently more fan motor adopt single phase capacitor run motor, there are steel, aluminum and plastic three kinds of structures. For the indoor fan, in order to adjust the air flow, often use tap speed motor, there is also a Hall element speed closed-loop speed control. For DC inverter air conditioner, mainly use non-position sensor brushless DC motor to drive the fan, can be stepless adjust the amount of wind.


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