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Application of Plastic Package Motor in Household Appliances

By Aoba | Published on Oct 15,2015

Application of Plastic Package Motor in Household Appliances

As a small and special electric machine, the plastic package motor is widely used in household appliances such as cleaner, smoke exhaust ventilator, air condition and washing machine.

Structural Feature

Plastic package motor consists of a stator, shaft, rotor, bearings, cover, thermal protection, lead and sockets. The stator core of the plastic package motor is made of a circle which is the combination of two semicircle iron cores. And the semi-circular core is shaped by the high-quality cold rolling silicon steel sheet under the punching of cemented carbide on the high velocity ram machine, and then coined into semi-circular iron core through FASTEC or VICS. After the semi-circular cores are finished, it is covered with two semi-circular insulating sheath on both sides, and after winded and split, it can be plastic-packaged.

There are three types of splitting for the semi-circular core structure:

Japans Toshiba Corporation has adopted the argon arc welding to make the two semi-circular cores become a full circle after the two semi-circular cores are winded. It is a must to use a special jig so as to prevent the windings from being damaged, which may cause turn-to-turn short circuit or breakdown.

Japans Panasonic Corporation fastens the two semi-circular cores into a full circle through injection molding. But its necessary to pay attention that the two semi-circular cores cannot be mismatched and the plastics should not enter the junction surface.

Japans Kusatsu Electric Corporation adopts the stitching structure, namely stitching the convex and concave parts respectively on the junction surfaces together. And the punching is required to be provided with high working accuracy.

General Situation of Development

The plastic package motor was invented and developed in America in the 1980s, and be widely utilized in Japan later on. There are many plastic package motor manufacturers in Japan such as Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Shibaura, Kusatsu and Hitachi, among which the products of the Panasonic, Shibaura and Kusatsu covers a large proportion in Japans market. And the corporations have also established branches overseas to product plastic package motors.

The plastic package motor is mostly used in household appliances for its advantage of low noise. Therefore, it is firstly utilized in air conditions. In Japan, most of the indoor draught fans of split-type air conditioners adopt the plastic package motor. In addition, in order to prevent moisture and reduce vibration, the high-end made-in-Japan washing machines have adopted the plastic package motors. The Panasonic Corporation became the first to use the plastic package motor in the industry. Besides, the plastic package structure has also been utilized in synchronous motors and BLDC motors in Japan.

The plastic package motors have also been used in most kitchen supplies made in the USA such as the garbage crusher, where the motor of 100W is plastic package structure.


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