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A Brief Introduction of Single-phase AC Motors

By Emma | Published on Nov 02,2015

1. Single-phase AC Motor Introduction

The single-phase ac motor has a series of advantages like simple structure, low cost and reliable operation, so it is widely used in household appliances (electric fans, washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, etc.), power tools (Mo-ray machine, drill, hammer, etc.) small equipment (air compressor, etc.), medical equipment and automatic control devices.

2. Wiring Methods of the Single-phase AC Motor

a. split phase starting method

Use an auxiliary starting winding to assist start. Its starting torque is not big. Operating rate roughly remained constant. This method is mainly used in electric fans, air-conditioning fan motor, washing machine motor.

b. centrifuge switch starting method

c. dual capacitor starting method

This wiring method is generally used in places with large and unstable load, such as: air compressors, cutting machines, woodworking machinery, etc.

d. switch control reversing wiring method

Typically the resistance value of the start winding and run winding in such a motor is the same, that is start winding and run winding of the motor have exactly same diameter and number of coils. Generally, this kind of motor is used in washing machine. This reversing control method is simple, without complex switch.


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