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The Structure and Application of the Single Phase AC Induction Motor

By Emma | Published on Nov 02,2015

Structure of Single-phase AC Induction Motor

1. Stator

The stator of a single-phase induction motor comprises three parts: base, core, winding. They are introduced as follows:

(1) The base is made of cast iron, cast aluminum or steel, and its structure depends on use cases of the motor and the types of cooling. The bases of Single-phase induction motors are generally open frame type, protection type, closed type and etc.

(2) Iron core. The iron core is mostly laminated by silicon steel sheet with small iron loss, good magnetic properties and thickness of 0.35 to 0.5 mm.

(3) Winding

The stator winding of single-phase induction motors usually is in the form of two-phase winding, namely the primary winding and the secondary winding. The commonly used types of stator windings forms in the Single-phase induction motor are single-layer concentric winding, single chain winding, two-layered winding and the sine winding.

2. Rotor

The Rotor of single-phase induction motors mainly consists of three parts: shaft, core, winding, as described below:

(1) Spindle.

(2) Iron core. The rotor core is made of same material to the stator core.

(3) Windings. Rotor windings of the single-phase induction motor are generally of two types, namely, cage type and armature type.

3. Starter

Application of Single-phase AC Induction Motor

The Single-phase induction motor is a kind of driving motor with ac power supply, which has a series of advantages like: simple structure, low cost, reliable operation and easy maintenance, etc.

Especially since it can directly use ordinary civilian power, so the Single-phase induction motor is widely used in all walks of life and everyday life, as the power source in all types of industrial and agricultural production tools, household appliances, instruments, business services, office equipment and cultural and educational equipment, with a close relationship to people's work, study and life.

In single-phase induction motor industries, it is also commonly used in the ventilation and boiler equipment and other servo equipment.


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