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Characteristics on Three Phase AC Induction Motors

By Shaquila | Published on Nov 02,2015

Three phase induction motor construction:

IEC: Making standard size in IEC (Electrotechnical Commission International) , So it is of international inter-convertibility.

Excellent performance: For the motors needing frequent start and stop, It is of high working efficiency for its small rotation inertia, large acceleration speed, short stopping and starting time.

Slight vibration and low noise: perfect mechanical structure design, excellent processing, little vibration and noise.

Convenient maintenance: Utilize advanced oil seal bearings, and no need of grease, the use of advanced oil seal bearings, not to be added to grease.

Small and light: For the frame number being reduced, It is easy to carry for small size, light weight, saved space and easy installation.

E/B/F- class insulation materials: It is safe, durable and of longest life for adopting the E/B/F class insulation material with heat resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance.


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