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Characteristics on AC Motor

By Shaquila | Published on Nov 02,2015

The relationship between torque and speed of ac motor:

Characteristics 1:

AC motor is an mechanical machine used to achieve the transformation between mechanical power and ac electrical power. It has become the most commonly used motor for its great developed ac electric system. Compared with DC motor, It could be easily made into motors with high torque, voltage and large current, capacity and is featured with simple structure, convenient manufacture, stable characteristics for it is of no commutator.

Characteristics 2:

The coverage of AC motor power could directly changes from several watts to hundreds of kilowatts, even millions of kilowatts. At the beginning of 1980s, the largest turbine generator has reached 1500000 kilowatts.

Characteristics 3 on maintenance:

1. Keep the motor clean and the inlet and outlet open, do not allow any debris into the motor;

2. Using the instrument to monitor the power supply voltage, frequency and motor load current and check whether it has meet the standard of the nameplate data.

3. Take necessary measures to detect the motor temperature.

4. For wound rotor motor, pay more attention on the condition of the contact pressure, wear between the brush and the collector ring. When the motor stops rotating, immediately cut off the switch within the circuit, and then pull the brush lifting mechanism to the starting position, short circuit device. the switch in the stator circuit should be disconnected, and then the brush lifting mechanism is pulled to the starting position, and disconnect the short circuit device.


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