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Construction of AC Motor Rotor

By Cayla | Published on Nov 02,2015

The rotor is the rotating part of the AC motor, including a rotor core, the rotor winding and the shaft and other parts.

Rotor core: As part of the magnetic circuit of the motor and place the rotor windings. Usually it is made of 0.5mm laminated silicon steel and punched together.

Rotor windings: As cutting electronic magnetic field, inducing electromotive force and currents, and under the action of the rotating magnetic field, it rotates the rotor by the force. According to the different construction, it can be divided into squirrel cage and wound rotor.

(Fig. 1)

1. Squirrel-cage rotor: the copper bar is inserted into its rotor core, two copper bars are welded at at both ends of copper rings. Such rotor winding is similar to a squirrel cage rotor. In order to save copper and ease of manufacturing. Currently most of the squirrel cage are made of aluminum. (See Fig.1)


2. The wound rotor: wound rotor windings are made to symmetrical windings as stator windings through appropriate permutations and combinations.(See Fig.2)

3. The winding rotor

4. Axis: It used to transfer torque and upport the weight of the rotor. Usually is made of carbon steel and alloy steel.


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