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Characteristics on Starter Motor Maintenance

By Shaquila | Published on Dec 08,2015

Characteristic 1

Keep the wire well contacted and eliminate the dirt and oxide on the contact and coated with a little Vaseline against rust and corrosion.

Characteristic 2

For the protection of the battery, every time I start would not more than 5S, two starting time should be at an interval of 2 minutes. If it were not start work for three times. It is necessary to exclude the possibility of failure to start.

Characteristic 3

Immediately release the start switch after engine ignition for reducing the motor idling and one-way clutch wearing;

Characteristic 4

Regularly lubricate the bearings with oil, check the movable contact plate and static contact condition;


Timely diagnose and escape from fault before starting when the phenomenon of starting playing teeth and smoking rises;


Keep the distance between the drive gear and the flywheel ring gear end stay2.5 to 5 mm.


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