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Characteristics of the Hydraulic Motor

By Emma | Published on Dec 08,2015

The hydraulic motor has a very wide application range, mainly applied in the slewing mechanism in the agriculture, fishing, light industry, lifting transport, mining, engineering machinery and other machinery. So why is this type of motor so popular? The reason is closely related to its characteristics.

1. Small volume, light weight, smaller shape size.

2. Wide speed range. This types of motor can realize stepless speed regulation, whose the minimum stable speed even can reach 15 RPM.

3. The installation of this type of motor is very convenient with relatively low investment cost.

4. It can be used in series or in parallel in the hydraulic system.

5. Small rotational inertia. The hydraulic motor is easy to start under load and can work normally in positive and negative reversing. What’s more, it doesn’t need to shut down when reversing.

6. Simple and compact structure, high flowing precision.

7. High mechanical efficiency, high pressure operation life is long.

8. Small friction.


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