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The Application of Linear Motor

By Cayla | Published on Dec 09,2015

application of linear motor

Linear motor is mainly used in three aspects:

First used in automatic control systems, such applications are more; followed by long-term continuous operation drive motor; the third is used in the device that is provided significant linear motion. within a short time and short distance.

High-speed maglev train: maglev train is the most typical examples of the practical application of the linear motor, the United States, Britain, Japan, France, Germany, Canada and other countries are in the development of linear suspension train, progress is the fastest in Japan.

Linear motor-driven lift: the world's first elevator driven linear motor was installed in April 1990 in Tokyo, Japan Toshima eternal building, the load of elevator is 600kg, speed is 105m / min, lifting height is 22.9m. Since the linear motor driven elevator no traction unit, thus building the top of the room can be omitted. If the height of the building increase to about 1000 meters, you must use no rope elevator, the elevator linear motor drive technology HTS coil mounted in the hoistway, the car is equipped with high-performance permanent magnet materials outside, as maglev Like the train, using radio waves or light-control technology control.

application of linear motor11

Ultra-high-speed motor: when rotation exceeds a certain limit, the use of the motor will produce sintered rolling bearing damage phenomena, foreign developed a linear motor suspension (Magnetic Bearing), by suspension technology allows the motor mover suspended in the air, eliminating the between the mover and the stator mechanical contact and friction, its speed is up to 25000 ~ 100000r / min or more, which is widely used in high-speed and high-speed spindle motor parts.


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